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WallTech is a construction system that is versatile, safe, profitable, and fast. Walltech is a great opportunity to revolutionize the industry with an alternative construction system that combines the effectiveness of building materials with innovative processes, as well as designing flexibility for practically any type of housing. WallTech has grown to be a global leader in the design and construction of residential and commercial buildings. Our system is a unique modular solution of industrially fabricated panels for walls with multiple uses and applications that reduces building time up to 70% and cost up to 12%. Just like with any traditional system, it is compatible with any wall finishing. The system is the result of a serious analysis, designed to obtain an efficient and economical solution that: Exceeds structural regulations Adapts to today’s demands Maximizes human resources, materials, and technology Optimize building time. Our system has shown to be a superior structural option compared to traditional systems, however, they could be combined if needed. WallTech system is used to build up to four-story buildings by itself, and with traditional systems is efficient in higher constructions and towers to lower the weight, decreasing the cost and increasing safety.